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Our Pikler Triangles are a huge hit with kids and parents alike. These sets allow your little one a choice of climbing, balance and motor skill exploration and open ended play, depending on their ability and courage.


We've designed our Pikler to be larger than the Piklers we were used to using. We've also designed them to be collapsable or foldable, and be easily stored away.


Smaller Piklers are often not able to be used for a long time as children typically outgrow their Pikler before they've had an opportunity to fully explore its benefits. We've engineered our own Pikler to be 78cm high, with the gradient of the rungs designed to allow both younger and older infants to enjoy and enjoy and benefit from its use.


We chose to smooth down the edges to make sure it's as safe and there are no sharp edges to catch on.


Our Pikler is made from birch plywood and is equally beautiful looking in the living room or your child's bedroom and is foldable for easy transport, setup and storage. It is designed to be used with products from the Pikler range to create your own play spaces at home.


The ramp is double sided with one side providing a ladder for your little one to learn how to climb and the other a slide for extra fun!

Montessori Pikler Triangle

  • Birch plywood & pine

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